We have redesigned our website to increase its effectiveness, appeal, and technical compatibility. 
Our rotating panels at the top now focus on spreading the word about Unitarian Universalism. We hope to gain new visitors (and eventually) new members by educating people to the wonderful tenets of Unitarian Universalism.  A “quick guide” link below that is also for newer people, giving them a simple, one-page rundown of who the UUGSB is, what we believe, and how to find us on Sundays.
Sunday Service information is now a little lower on the page. Just scroll down and you will see it on the left.  You can also access this information from the “Sunday Services” link in the Main Menu at top.
Events and News quick-links are located on the lower right of the Home Page. They, too, can also be accessed through their respective links in the Main Menu.
Our Donation button is now in a stand-out green box. If you want to donate online, using either a Paypal account or a credit card, go here!
The newly-added “News” link and section of the website will be taking the place of the old Bellringer newsletter, as mentioned last month. Articles will appear here as they are written, and you will not have to wait until “the next issue” for you to read them!  Similarly, submitted articles no longer have a “deadline” to be published online!
Updated underlying technology!
The website has been rebuilt from the ground up to include the latest website standards. The website is now fully compliant with “mobile responsiveness” in mind! Now, whatever device you view the website — from computer, iPad, or your smart phone — the pages will reconfigure themselves to fit your size screen.
Can’t find it?  Search!
The website now has a Search feature, in case you cannot find what you are looking for!  Just click the magnifying lens in the Main Menu bar (just to the right of the “Contact” link).  The Menu will be replaced with a Search field where you can enter terms you would like to search for.
Large, colorful Google maps now appear on both the Home page and the Directions page (About > Directions) to help guide new-comers to our great Congregation!
More to come!
We hope to add more fun photos and functions to the website in the future, including an updated Members Section (currently temporarily off-line). 
Check back soon!