“One Is the Start of It All:  Applying the Sixth Unitarian Universalist Principle of World Community”

– Presented by John Freund

We are in community with each other and all people and things whether we like it or not.  And the only way to keep our community from running off the rails, is for each of us to keep ourselves on a path that utilizes the liberty we have, while respecting the necessity of treating each other justly.

John Freund is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist who came to Unitarian Universalism in the way that many do: From somewhere else.And then, he realized that he’d been a UU long before he realized he was one. John has involved himself in all aspects of congregational life, beginning as a facilitator of Small-Group Ministry. He then became active in worship as part of Music Ministry, and then from the pulpit as part of the Worship Team. He has written hymns based on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism, and penned many songs and spoken word pieces in support of worship services when the message could not be concisely found elsewhere. As a lay preacher, he creates comprehensive worship services using words, music and images, presenting them at his home congregation of Central Unitarian Church and other UU congregations; focusing on his passion for themes of connection and community. John has helped organized and performed in many benefit concerts, and created and presented a 6-hour anti-racism workshop.