“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: Pearls of Wisdom from a Cartoon”

— Presented by guest speaker, Paula Brayden, a UU minister from CT.

Paula Brayden is a Unitarian Universalist, through and through. She was raised Christian but knew that didn’t fit her quite right. As an adult, she found UUism and during that time as a UU, explored many different faiths. Some of these included Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, and Wicca. She came to realize that just like our principles come from many sources, so did her beliefs.

She loves being in nature and feeling the universal energy. She enjoys practicing the middle way. Full moon esbots make her heart sing and singing hymns from her youth brings her joy. She does not fit in a specific box.

Our 7 Principles are her guide in this life. She is a theist that marvels at the mystery of the universe. Buddhism and Taoism are large influences in her life, as is earth-based spirituality.