Get Involved!

Join Committees and Groups and interact with fellow members!

Committees and Groups

Here at the UUGSB, we pride ourselves in being able to offer many opportunities for you to join a wide variety of groups and committees that will allow you to get involved outside of service. Below is a quick list of some of the programs and groups we offer that, as a member of our congregation (unless otherwise noted), you can join and participate in.

Sunday Service Committee

Mission:  To coordinate Sunday Services which reflect our Unitarian Universalist principles.

Activities:  This committee is responsible for establishing the Sunday Service calendar.  This includes: identifying discussion topics and related speakers, coordinating music, preparing the weekly Order of Service, and advertising these services in the Bellringer. Additional activities include:  establishing and monitoring the successful flow of the various Sunday Service components, coordinating Sunday morning greeters, the distribution of materials, providing welcoming remarks, and general clean-up of the sanctuary at the end of each service.

Meeting Schedule: Meets in the Sanctuary, the second Sunday of every month immediately following the Hospitality Hour.

Co-chairs: Margaret Kiely Montemagno, Marian Russo

The Rising Phoenix Women’s Group

Mission:  Our women’s group is for women of all ages and walks of life, we invite you to join us monthly as we build a web of interconnectivity, support, love and empowerment. We look forward to growing as a group and evolving as we move through life together!

Activities:  The Rising Phoenix Women’s Committee is a sacred sharing circle (SSC) hosted and affiliated at and with the UUGSB of Sayville, NY. We gather on the third Sunday of every month (unless otherwise specified) for a potluck dinner followed by our sacred sharing circle. Please bring your dishes ready to eat or in a microwave safe dish for reheating purposes at the building. Please read our SSC guidelines below, thank you! Please join our FB Group to keep up with group announcements and more here:

Meeting Schedule: We gather on the third Sunday of every month (unless otherwise specified).

Rising Phoenix Women’s Committee Sacred Sharing Circle Guidelines:
When we are in sacred sharing circle, we agree to:

    • Speak from our heart and from our own experience.
    • Listen with respect, compassion and curiosity.
    • Hold stories or personal material in confidentiality.
    • Be willing to discover and explore, noticing patterns, themes, new questions.
    • Encourage and welcome diverse points of view.
    • Listen with discernment instead of judgment.
    • Share leadership and resources.
    • Decide together how decisions will be made.
    • Work toward consensus when possible.
    • Offer experience instead of advice.
    • Decide together what is to be held in confidence.
    • Speak from your own experience and beliefs rather than speaking for others.
    • Open and close the circle by hearing each voice. (Check-ins and check-outs.)


    Chair:  Jennie Ahrend

    Social Action Committee

    Mission:  Our Social Justice Committee provides our congregation and community with opportunities for education and action on the some of the most critical moral and social issues facing our communities and our nation today.

    Activities:  Currently the issues we are focused on are helping to protect our immigrant brothers and sisters while working with several different grassroots organizations, helping to pass Senate bill S1743A (Farmworker’s Fair Labor Practices Act) which will be voted on this coming summer in NY State, helping to get signatures for our state representatives to know where we stand with NYS Senate Bill s.4371 which is a movement to guarantee health care to all NYers, and more. As an SJ Committee we use our UU principles as guiding lights in our efforts to better the world around us, as we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person as well as the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.

    Meeting Schedule:  We meet the third Sunday of every month shortly after coffee hour begins, when holidays fall on the third Sunday there will be an adjustment to our meeting date!

    Co-chairs:  Jennie Ahrend and Aytac Edwards

    Religious Exploration Committee

    Mission: To support our children as they develop and explore their religious beliefs.

    Activities:  Help choose curricula, plan family get-togethers, help coordinate classroom volunteers on Sundays, help to maintain the Religious Exploration room, solicit participation and support from the congregation, assist in the creation and updating of the program brochure and registration materials, and recommend teacher candidates to the Board in the event of a vacancy.

    Meeting ScheduleOn an as needed basis, but will meet no fewer than three times a year.

    Co-chairs: Adrienne Weisent-Jones and Erin McManus-Goeke

    The Caring Committee

    Mission: To care for the members of our congregation.

    Activities:  Identify and communicate with members who are in need of support; maintain a list of volunteers who have various skills and services to offer so as to coordinate their support to members in need; send out birthday, get well, and condolence cards.

    Meeting ScheduleMeets in the Sanctuary, the first Sunday of every month immediately following the Hospitality Hour.

    Co-chairs: Aytac Edwards and Jenny Ahrend

    Buildings and Grounds Committee

    Mission: To maintain our building and grounds so as to provide a safe and functional environment.

    Activities:  Organize clean-up activities and exterior painting, coordinate major and minor renovations, monitor utilities, make minor repairs, purchase maintenance supplies, ensure that seasonal work is completed, etc.

    Meeting ScheduleMeets on an as needed basis, but will meet no fewer than three times a year.

    Chair: *Vacant*

    Interior Design Committee

    Mission: To provide an esthetically pleasing and functional environment throughout our building.

    Activities:  Make recommendations to the Board for colors, carpeting, and other furnishings; arrange furniture and wall hangings; organize and participate in interior clean-up activities, painting projects, and seasonal decorating project.

    Meeting ScheduleMeets on an as needed basis, but will meet no fewer than three times a year.

    Chair: Kara Straley

    The Hospitality Committee

    Mission: To provide refreshments during the Hospitality Hour on  Sunday mornings.

    Activities:  Coordinate volunteers to provide refreshments, make coffee and tea; arrive early to help set-up the refreshment table and beverage area; maintain the kitchen, purchase supplies, and clean-up.  On occasion this committee plans special celebrations and/or potluck lunches.

    Meeting ScheduleMeets on an as needed basis, but will meet no fewer than three times a year.

    Chair: Karen Mengel

    The Committee on Ministry

    Mission: To facilitate communication among all members of congregation and our Minister.

    Activities: The COM is independent of the Board of Trustees and the Minister, and conversations are confidential so we honor everyone’s need for privacy. We are a sounding board for everyone on any issue. From our conversations, we make non-binding recommendations to the congregation. The committee can be reached by email or in person by request.

    Meeting Schedule: This committee meets on an as needed basis, but will meet no fewer than three times a year.

    Members*: Adrienne Weisent-Jones

    The Membership Committee

    Mission: To facilitate the growth of our membership.

    Activities: Welcome visitors during the Hospitality Hour; provide frequent visitors with information regarding membership;  provide nametags; maintain the Membership Book/records; help to plan New Member Sundays.

    Meeting ScheduleThis committee meets on an as needed basis, but will meet no fewer than three times a year.

    Co-chairs: Jennifer Greene

    The Nominating Committee

    Mission: To provide the membership with a slate of candidates to be considered for the Board of Trustees.

    Note: Membership to this committee is governed by our bylaws. The Board shall appoint one member, the minister shall appoint one member, and those two appointees shall mutually agree on a third member.

    Activities: Seek out, promote, and encourage responsible individuals to run for Board positions for which they are qualified; submit a written report, to be included in the Annual Corporate Meeting packet, in which they submit a list of names of individuals they support for election to the Board of Trustees.

    Meeting ScheduleThis committee meets on an as needed basis.

    Members : Margaret Kiely Montemagno, Marian Russo, Karen Mengel